Are you searching for textiles in the UK that are functional and stylish? Well, for superior quality fabric, look for fabric from a certified companies that has been accredited by OEKO-TEX®, the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), the Organic Content Standard

It’s easy to see why selecting the right sofa is one of the most important decisions you can make. In fact, so much about your home life revolves around this key furnishing item. Whether it be relaxing after work or hosting

Walking is one of the cheapest ways to get fit. Actually, it is absolutely free. But if you want to step it up, go on a hiking trail for some challenging leg workout. Not only is it good for your

Try as you may to keep your garbage bins clean, it can be a challenge since we use it to put all our waste stuff. And flies are drawn to them. They lay their eggs in there, leaving us to

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a psychological thriller that puts you on the edge of your seat. It features Rachel as the main character and narrator of the story. She becomes obsessed with ex-husband, Tom, and

I remember being mesmerized by how sparkly my engagement ring was when I got it (seven years ago now). Over time of course that dies down. I’ve had it resized a couple of times, and both times it came back

I just learned that it’s actually a myth that spiders begin to invade homes from outdoors in the fall, however, they do become more visible which is what led to this misconception. You see more spiders because fall is mating

Tomorrow, March 3rd, is the National Day of Unplugging. While your job and just life in general may not lend itself easily to unplugging for a full 24 hours, I encourage you to take this opportunity to carve out as

Tomorrow, June 17th, is National Flip Flop Day! Every spring I break out the flip flops as early as possible, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve already been living in them for months now. I love being in bare feet,

I have always wanted to make my own soap, but whenever I read about how finicky lye can be, I’ve chickened out. Eventually online I came across a recipe that used “melt and pour” soap base, and I knew I

A couple weeks ago given a pretty huge amount of pears. (Yay! They’re one of my most favourite fruits.) Unfortunately as they have been laying out to ripen, I have developed a bit of a fruit fly infestation in my home.

I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Sometimes it’s difficulty falling asleep, but most of the time it’s issues waking up over and over and over again throughout the night. I have a lot of bad dreams as well leaving

Years ago when I first started out on this natural living journey, I made my own solid deodorant.  It worked well enough, but I had major issues with the fact that it stained my clothes (from the beeswax is all

Blackheads, those dark, clogged pores, are no fun. They’re typically caused by an overproduction of oil. We all know we’re not supposed to pick at or squeeze them no matter how tempting, so what can we do to get rid

Today’s Blogtember prompt was “Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse.” Even just reading those words sent a little spike of panic through me. Sharing something I’ve made, specifically something labelled “creative,” is scary.

It’s the holidays, and along with the holidays comes presents. Gift giving and generosity are wonderful. Giving gifts is an exciting and special way to show love and affection. However there can also be pressure to find the “perfect” gift

October is breast cancer awareness month. It is estimated that breast cancer affects 1 in 9 Canadian women, and men can develop breast cancer as well. It is a scary disease, and this month is also a reminder for us

I was always embarrassed of my thick eyebrows growing up, and now for the last few years big, bold brows have been in. Unfortunately in my high school years I plucked much of the life out of my own eyebrows. They’re

I have been making my own toothpaste with basically the same recipe for years now. When I received bentonite clay at Christmas though, I decided I wanted to experiment with it. First I made the Bentonite Clay Face Mask, and then I wanted

I wrote before about my decision to go braless and the health and wellness benefits I’ve experienced in doing so. It started some really interesting conversations especially on Instagram which I was totally stoked about. Today I want to go through 8 practical tips

You may have heard the terms passive and active listening before. They are often pitted against one another as though passive listening is bad and active listening is superior. However, they are each very different and thus they are useful in

Beards have definitely been in these last few years, and it seems the bigger the better. Beard balm will help grow a thick, noble beard, and this homemade version is natural and easy to whip up. It works as a

Who doesn’t like a fresh and calming smell lingering around their home? We all do, yet most ready-made fresheners, sold at the local convenience store are laden with chemicals even chemistry professors haven’t heard of, not to mention, the pricing

Living in the 21st century, life has become so stressful. People are always very busy with plenty of activities and chores to do and accomplish. Finding that elusive work-life balance can be a source of stress. Gadgets have helped us

Traveling allows you to see a place that may be so similar or quite different from what you are used to. It lets you see similar or different lifestyles, habits, and cultures. As you know more about the world around

There has been a lot of innovation in the VR sex toys market, and the number of new devices developed every day is remarkable. We have written a guide about our pick of three best VR sex toys out there.In

Playing a game is only fun when you know the rules. And if there's money at stake, like in a (online) casino game, then it's even more important you know the rules and get a clear explanation about gambling. But