You Are More Than What You Do

Especially since quitting my job in April, I have come to fear the question, “So what do you do?” I’ve struggled with my own guilt over intentionally choosing to be unemployed, and that lead me to project it onto everyone who asked for my job title as well. I would rather ask people about who they are than what they do. We all wear many different hats which change throughout our day and throughout our life. For myself, while I may not exchange my skills for money, my days are still full of work and purpose.

You Are More Than What You Do

I compose with language creating blogs, essays, poetry, and more. I am a writer.
I make nutritious food from scratch. I am a chef and baker. Sometimes even a chocolatier.
I keep my home clean and tidy to create a healthy environment. I am a homemaker and a housekeeper.
I cultivate healthful fruits and vegetables to consume. I am a gardener.
I tend to the yard by mowing and raking. I am a landscaper.
I provide Keeda with adequate physical and mental activity and affection. I am a dog trainer.
I organize our calendar, keep up with emails, and pay the bills. I am a personal assistant and secretary.
I train my body to become increasing strong and able. I am an athlete.
I get lost experiencing the worlds in other people’s words. I am a bookworm.
I study and retain knowledge from professors and experts. I am a student.
I care for myself, my family, friends, people in other countries, animals around the world, and the Earth itself. I am a caretaker.

These are the roles and activities that fulfill me and bring meaning to my life. I have passions and interests and skills that are unrelated to an income stream or a line on a resume. While this is where I’m at now, it’s not to say I’ll never work. And if I do, I will still be more than what I “do.” And you are more than what you do also.

Let’s start asking more meaningful, engaging questions. So, how do you love to spend time? What’s awesome about your life? What are you passionate about?

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