Treating Allergies Naturally

Spring is in the air, as well as pollen and other airborne allergens.  It is allergy season, and while many people are walking around sneezing, blowing their noses, and rubbing their itchy eyes, I am so happy that I no longer experience those symptoms. Here is how I have eliminated my allergy symptoms by treating allergies naturally with essential oils, local honey, and bee pollen.

Treating Allergies Naturally

Growing up I had my skin prick allergy testing done, and my arms looked like something out of a horror movie.  Unfortunately I am allergic to essentially every grass and tree in my area.  All my life I had spent February to October taking daily pills or eye drops or nasal sprays and so on in hopes of alleviating my allergy symptoms, and even that didn’t completely eliminate them.

Essential Oils

Then three years ago when I was starting out on this natural journey, I decided to try an essential oil spray from Saje called “allergy release.”  It uses plant based essential oils – comforting lavender, purifying lemon, stimulating geranium and fortifying roman chamomile – to support your immune system and minimize allergy symptoms.  A huge advantage is that this spray only costs about $20, and usually lasts me through the allergy seasons of 1-2 years.  Breathing in this spray daily greatly reduced my allergy symptoms, and I continue to use it each spring and summer.

Local Honey and Bee Pollen

Since then I’ve added 2 more remedies that have eliminated them altogether: local honey and bee pollen granules.  The theory is similar to that of a vaccination.  For the honey, when the bees carry the pollen, it becomes part of the honey.  When we consume the pollen in the honey or the bee pollen itself it acts as a tiny vaccine allowing your body to grow accustomed to the pollen and immunize against it.  Now our immune systems can handle larger quantities of the pollen instead of overreacting and releasing histamine.  With time the body becomes less sensitive to the allergen, and like I am now, can potentially become allergy free.  They key is to buy these locally so that the pollen you ingest is the same pollen you’re exposed to in the air.  We buy our honey and bee pollen from the same farm at our local farmer’s market.

If you have allergies, how do you treat them?  Have you tried any of these remedies?

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