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Just WAIT to Communicate More Effectively - WAIT: Why Am I Talking?

Just WAIT to Communicate More Effectively

I’m over at Kind Over Matter with a strategy that helps me communicate more effectively, and it can help you too. It is the acronym WAIT which stands for Why Am I Talking? I go through four reminders that…

How to Pick Your Battles + Flow Chart to Guide You Through the Process

How to Pick Your Battles + Flow Chart

“Pick your battles,” is an oft-heard piece of advice given for significant others, parents, and all other types of relationships. We all get angry sometimes, but the reality of life is that we simply cannot always act on it…

6 Difficult Personalities and How to Deal with Them + Free Script to Use with Each One

6 Difficult Personalities + How to Deal with Them

Interacting with people who have difficult personalities can be a challenge. When those people are also members of our families, it often pushes our buttons even more. Now, most people are not constantly like this. We still like them…

#1 Improve Your Communication + One Week Empathy Challenge

#1 Thing to Improve Your Communication

I’m sharing with you this one thing has made the hugest difference in the quality of my communication: empathy. I’m going through what empathy is and how it is the number one thing to improve your communication too. I…