How Self-Care Can Help You Live a Better Life

There has been a lot of talk about self-care in the health and wellness realms, but why now? I think that in our modern lives, we keep getting busier and busier. The expectations seem to continually get higher. Life was certainly not easier a century ago, but I think we are losing some of the natural rhythms and downtime that our foremothers had. This means that we must become intentional about our taking care of ourselves. I’m sure you already have a busy life, and you may be wondering why self-care is worth the time and effort. That’s why I’m going through four ways that self-care can help you live a better life.

How Self-Care Can Help You Live a Better Life + Free Fall Self-Care Printable

1. Self-care contributes to your sense of worthiness.

Every single person on this planet deserves to be healthy. We all deserve to be respected. And we all deserve to have fulfillment in our lives. Self-care directly contributes to all of these elements. On the flip side, when we neglect our needs, it leads to unhappiness, low self-esteem, and resentment. Not to mention the fact that how we treat ourselves models to others how they should treat us as well.


2. Self-care prevents burnout.

Working, giving, and donating are all wonderful, important parts of life. Generosity is a beautiful thing. However, you cannot give anything from an empty cup. When you are healthy and taken care of, you can do better both in your career and any support you provide to others as well.


3. Self-care improves performance.

I remember in school getting so frustrated with a math question that I could not figure out. It’d become too much, and I’d skip over it. When I came back to it later, I could suddenly complete the work with little problem. Sometimes you just need a break. Of course it makes sense that when you feel better, you can function better.


4. Self-care reduces the negative effects of stress.

Instead of the sudden, short-lived threats of our ancestors (like an animal attack), humans now experience low-grade stress nearly constantly due to work, school, health concerns, etc. This ongoing stress response has a negative effect on us physically and mentally. High blood pressure, headaches, depression, muscle aches, moodiness, and sleep issues are just a few common symptoms of being overly stressed. The good news is that research has shown that self-care actually combats this.


I must emphasize that self-care is not a reward. It cannot wait to be the prize after you have accomplished your mile long to-do list. Self-care needs to be an integral part of life to reap the benefits. As inspiration, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 self-care activities specifically for fall, which you can grab for free here.

Get the Fall Self-Care Activities List FREE


Also, the holidays are coming up soon, and I know this can be an especially overwhelming time of year. Luckily I have created a solution for you to ensure that your health and wellness are a priority during this busy time.


Introducing the Comfort & Joy Email Course: 21 Days of Self-Care to Get You Through the Holidays.


This ecourse will run from November 27th to December 17th and guide you through this hectic time between Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can create a peaceful season of celebration for yourself and your family.


You will learn 21 simple and original self-care strategies. Plus, I have created and included 8 printables, templates, and resources in order to make this process as easily-achievable as possible. Click the link above or the photo below to check it out. Together we can make this your most enjoyable holiday season yet.

Comfort & Joy Email Course: 21 Days of Self-Care to Get You Through the Holidays

How do you implement self-care during the fall and holiday seasons?

How Self-Care Can Help You Live a Better Life + Free Fall Self-Care Printable


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