Start a New Tradition with Printable Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend here in Canada. I’ve talked about gratitude a lot, and of course, Thanksgiving is a time where thankfulness is at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. I thought this would be a great opportunity to practice what I preach in a more tangible way. To do so, I have created these printable Thanksgiving Cards. They create an opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving and experience the benefits of gratitude personally or with your friends and family. These cards can be incorporated into your decor and even become a new tradition.

Printable Thanksgiving Cards

How to Use It:

1. This printable is free. Simply click on the button and enter your information.

2. Check your inbox for an email from me with the attachment.

3. Download the PDF file.

4. Print off as many copies as you would like. There are three colours: red, green, and orange, or of course you can print them in black and white.

5. Cut them out and fill them in! Put them together in a vase. Display them around your home. Give them to friends and family. Hang them up. Put them on your Thanksgiving table settings. Do whatever you like with them.


If you’re a fellow Canadian celebrating Thanksgiving in October, this would be a fun, meaningful activity to do as a family on Thanksgiving Day. If you celebrate Thanksgiving in November, you can do this as well, or you and your family could start now and then read them out at your Thanksgiving get together.


More and more studies are showing results of gratitude improving not just our mental health but even our physical health as well.


Dr. Robert A. Emmons is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. His studies have found a multitude of benefits from intentionally practicing gratitude. Some physical improvements include a stronger immune system, improved cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure. Another study found that thankfulness improved sleep. This is because gratitude increases dopamine and serotonin which are our feel-good neurotransmitters that also help regulate sleep.


Some mental health benefits include curbing depression and anxiety, being more forgiving, behaving in a more outgoing manner, and feeling less lonely. He also found that unlike most treatments, the benefits of gratitude continually get better and better the longer you practice. So let’s get started this Thanksgiving season, and it will only go up from there!


What will you do with your printable Thanksgiving cards? What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

Printable Thanksgiving Cards

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  1. Reply
    October 7, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    These are so much fun and what a nice tradition to start at Thanksgiving Dinner! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you, we miss Canada this time of year!!

    1. Reply
      October 8, 2016 at 7:50 am

      I’m glad you like them. 🙂 Thank you! And a happy Thanksgiving to you next month.

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