3 Myths about Communication You Need to Stop Believing

Communication is such a vital part of any and every relationship, and yet we seem to get it muddled so frequently. There is contradictory advice and ideas swirling around, and it’s hard to know what to believe. Today I want to debunk three common myths about communication that you need to stop believing. Plus, I’ve got a special offer for you at the end.

3 Myths about Communication You Need to Stop Believing

3 Myths about Communication You Need to Stop Believing

Myth #1 – The message sent is the message received.

When you send a message to another person, you communicate with your words, of course. But you also communicate with your tone of voice, facial expression, and body language. Then when the other person is receiving a message, they are taking in all of those factors. However, they are also filtering them through their own personal biases, preconceptions, and past experiences.


It’s important to be aware of all of this so you can both work together and implement effective communication skills to ensure that understanding has been achieved.


Myth #2 – Talking about it makes it worse.

Sometimes we avoid communicating with someone because we don’t want to rock the boat. This, however, leads to resentment when our needs, desires, and expectations go unfulfilled. It is up to each of us to express our own hopes and concerns. No one is a mind reader.


When done respectfully, these conversations increase intimacy, trust, and relationship satisfaction.

Myth # 3 – You’re either born a good communicator or you’re not.

While some people are able to communicate well more intuitively, communication is ultimately still just a skill. Author and public speaker Brian Tracy has said that, “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”This means that anyone at any time can learn the skills and practice the skills and


This means that anyone at any time can learn the skills and practice the skills and doing so will allow them to get better at communicating.


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Did you believe any of these myths about communication?

3 Myths about Communication You Need to Stop Believing

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