Holistic Healing with Mindful Health + Giveaway

I want to start out by saying that I don’t know much about chakras. It’s something I hear often enough being in the natural health and wellness world, but not something I had ever look into for myself personally. I love the philosophy of Mindful Health which includes all the different components of health. The founder, Nicole, is a holistic nutritionist who believes many of our ailments can stem from emotional, environmental, and nutritional imbalances. This resonated with me, and I was excited for an opportunity to partner with Mindful Health in trying a new (to me) wellness strategy involving chakra healing.

Holistic Healing with Mindful Health

This conversation is sponsored by Mindful Health. All opinions and writing are my own.


Originating in some Indian religions during ancient times, chakras are thought to be energy points in the non-physical body. There are seven major chakras which run along the spine, and it is believed that each one affects different physical and spiritual aspects of your life.


I did not find any scientific research supporting the existence of the chakras. However, I also do not necessarily think that that means they should be ruled out. Sometimes traditional medicine, such as certain herbal remedies, do turn out to be scientifically proven effective. The more primitive civilizations simply did not have our technological advances to understand it in their time. In modern times we have discovered that the chakras correspond to the seven main nerve ganglia of the spinal column, so I do find that interesting.


Through Mindful Health I completed a chakra assesment quiz to determine which of my chakras is potentially out of balance. My result was the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine and thus the first chakra. The root chakra affects your sense of security and belonging and your passion for life. When I read my full results report, I actually got a little emotional because the description of the issues related to an unbalanced root chakra resonated so strongly with me.


To support me in balancing my root chakra, I used the corresponding Mindful Mosaic “Release Fear, Embrace Change” flower essence blend, essential oil blend, and Moroccan rose little flower candle. I was recommended the affirmation “I am safe, centered, and grounded. I belong here and now. My body and my environment support me in living a healthy and prosperous life,” and said it to myself about four times a day. My favourite part was the heavenly scent of the essential oil blend.


I believe in the power of positive thought and affirmations, so it was not surprising to me that I felt better while using the kit. I also know that essential oils, tinctures, and aromatherapy all have been scientifically proven to be effective in treating some health issues. Whether or not it was technically my “chakra” coming into balance, I cannot say for sure. But I do know that taking the time to care for myself makes a difference, and this was an excellent strategy for doing so. It made my day more intentional, and I certainly benefited from that.


Mindful Health Giveaway

Want to try your own Mindful Mosaic chakra healing kit for free? Check out the options below for entering the giveaway. You will get to take the chakra assessment quiz yourself and then you will receive the corresponding kit (valued at $59.99 USD)! The contest is open to residents of North America and Europe who are 18 years and older, and it will run until Thursday, August 11th. The winner will be announced within 48 hours and will be required to answer a simple mathematical skill testing question. Good luck!


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In September I’m excited to be continuing on in this journey with a 14-day cleanse from Mindful Health. It is a gentle, balanced, and holistic approach to detox. I will also be following their guidelines for eating to further support my root chakra. If you’re interested in joining myself and a community of people cleansing together and supporting one another, Mindful Health is running a #cleansewithafriend promotion where you will receive 20% off of your order.


What are your thoughts on the chakras?

Holistic Healing with Mindful Health + Giveaway

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