My 5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram I see photo after photo of pretty, thin, perfectly styled women in their beautifully decorated homes or in amazing destinations. I’ll see that this account has hundreds of thousands of followers or that photo got 26.4 k likes. And while I do love looking through all the photos, in truth, sometimes I can start feeling jealous.

It’s easy to get caught up comparing my life to theirs, but it’s really not a fair or true comparison. People’s Instagram feeds are only the carefully edited and curated snapshots of their lives. However, this why I find it so refreshing to discover accounts that are about building connections, encouraging one another, and promoting wellness. These are my five favourite inspiring Instagram accounts to follow. I hope you’ll check them out and even give them a follow too.

My 5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts


5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts: dearwomanmovement

1. @dearwomanmovement

Cori, a poet, started this account because she believes in encouraging women. The account includes beautiful photographs from others alongside her own beautiful words which act as a reminders that you are enough just as you are.

5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts: wearesoulsparks

2. @wearesoulsparks

This account belongs to Kristin Lohr who is a life coach. Her feed is full of inspiring quotations set on mesmerizing watercolors. Any time I need a pick me up, I can just pop over to her feed for instant encouragement.

5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts: fireandwindco

3. @fireandwindco

Ashley Beaudin’s mentoring company Fire + Wind Co is where she empowers women to build their online brands and businesses through heart and vision. She’s been encouraging honesty and vulnerability with her recent #theimperfectboss movement.

5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts: woowoogirl

4. @woowoogirl

Woo Woo Girl is certainly a little woo woo. However, regardless of your personal spiritual beliefs, her feed is packed with encouragement and wisdom for all wishing to live a loving life.

5 Favourite Inspiring Instagram Accounts: mindbodygreen

5. @mindbodygreen

The mindbodygreen website is of course hugely famous already, but I still wanted to include it because I enjoy it so much. This feed branches out into food and fitness as well, but I love their poignant life lessons most of all.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? What inspiring Instagram accounts would you recommend?

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