5 Reasons to Drink from a Copper Water Bottle

I was so excited to receive a copper water bottle for Christmas this year. Drinking from a copper vessel is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. While I don’t particularly follow Ayurveda, I have become more curious about it. So I thought this would be an easy and interesting practice to incorporate into my life. Here are 5 reasons to drink from a copper water bottle.

5 Reasons to Drink from a Copper Water Bottle

1. Copper Is an Essential Micro-Nutrient

The body needs this element in order to perform healthfully, however, it cannot make copper on its own. We get copper from certain dietary sources, and drinking water from a copper water bottle is another way to meet this need.


2. It Kills Bacteria

A research study found that certain bacteria such as E. coli, Samonella, and more were completely eliminated from water that was stored in a copper pot for 16 hours at room temperature.


3. It Creates Alkaline Water

In the same study referenced earlier, they also discovered that the pH level of the water rose after being stored in copper pots. A variety of studies have shown different potential health benefits to drinking alkaline water such as lowered cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure, neutralized stomach acid (to treat acid reflux), and reduced risk of cognitive decline in elderly people.


4. Copper Can Help With Anemia

Copper is required for adequate iron metabolism and the formation of red blood cells. Those who struggle with anemia may see an improvement with increased copper consumption. As someone who constantly deals with low iron, I was especially interested in this one.


5. Copper Supports Your Immune System

Scientists have learned that copper and the immune system is linked, but they’re not yet sure exactly how. Copper deficiencies and low-copper diets were shown to impair the immune system while copper supplementation increased white blood cell abilities.


I fill my copper water bottle with tap water each evening allowing it to sit at room temperature overnight. I drink one bottle worth throughout the following morning. Then I leave it to fill and soak overnight again for the next day.


As with almost anything, too much copper can be dangerous. An excess of copper is extremely rare though. The study from above showed that having water sit in copper for 16 hours was still well within the healthy amount (900 μg/day is recommended and 10,000 is the upper intake level for adults).


Have you heard of or tried drinking water from a copper water bottle?

5 Reasons to Drink from a Copper Water Bottle

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  1. Reply
    Marcus Hewitson, MD
    February 28, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Copper is an essential micronutrient but unfortunately excess copper isn’t that uncommon. More likely is that it is under-recognised. High copper can contribute to a myriad of issues (as can copper deficiency). This is one case of more is not always better. People can check their copper (and copper to zinc ratio) with a simple blood test.

    1. Reply
      February 28, 2017 at 8:17 pm

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing. I agree 100% that more is not always better. That is good information for people to have about the copper level blood test. It’s so important for people to be knowledgeable about their own health.

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