A Guide to Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Today I’m over at Style Bizarre talking about essential oils for aromatherapy. There I explain why and how essential oils and aromatherapy affect our mind and nervous system – it’s been proved by science. I also go through a list of ten conditions and the essential oils you can use to treat them through aromatherapy.

A Guide to Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and 10 Conditions You Can Treat

From the post:

While aromatherapy is, sometimes controversially, considered an alternative medicine, it does actually have backing in science. Studies have shown that two of the olfactory (sense of smell) nerve tracts run into the limbic system. This is important because the limbic system is concerned with instinct and mood which means it controls our drives and basic emotions. It is also related to our memories which explains why smells can bring on such strong recollections.

. . .

The powerful scent of essential oils affect the mind in the ways described above, and essential oils also have an effect on the nervous system. Different plants produce either a sedative or stimulant nerve reaction, while some can also act as a tonic for the nerves by strengthening them. Put these powerful plant essential oils to work for you through aromatherapy by diffusing in the air and breathing in their medicinal benefits.

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