5 Compelling Reasons to Try a Cleanse

After the many indulgences of summer, I was excited to have the opportunity to join up with Mindful Health and participate in their cleanse along with a community of others connecting through a Facebook group. I had never done a cleanse before, believing them to be too restrictive, so I was also nervous. However, I ended up really pleased with it, and now I want to share this positive experience with everyone else. Here are my five compelling reasons to try a cleanse.

5 Compelling Reasons to Try a Cleanse

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We take in toxins from the air, our food, and beauty products all day every day. These toxins ideally get eliminated through our body’s waste system, but not all of it does. The remaining toxins wind up getting stored in our organs. Going on a cleanse stimulates the elimination process while you are also avoiding taking in as many toxins as possible. It is like hitting a reset button for your body which provides many health benefits.


1. Increase Energy

You get a natural energy boost from the nutritious foods without the sugar crash experienced after consuming highly processed foods. Also, it’s important to drink a lot of water while cleansing and being well hydrated keeps energy levels up. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and highly refined foods can also contribute to adrenal fatigue. If that is a concern, cutting these out can be part of a solution. I was pleasantly surprised to find that during the cleanse I could still keep up with working out every day. Plus I found I was waking up earlier than ever in the mornings and had more energy throughout the day.


2. Get Clear Skin

It makes sense that a cleanse would benefit skin because our skin is our largest organ. There are many different causes for acne and a couple of them could be diet-related. When your blood sugar level rises quickly you produce more insulin which has been connected to breakouts. While there is no definite link between dairy and acne, studies have shown an association. Some people have experienced that their acne clear up after removing dairy from their diet. Even if you do not struggle with acne, your skin will likely become more smooth and even from a cleanse. I was blown away by the difference in my skin. My acne went away, and I had the softest, clearest skin probably since I was an infant.


3. Break Bad Habits and Curb Cravings

While on a cleanse, you won’t be consuming sugar or alcohol or caffeine, among other things depending on the cleanse. At first of course this sucks, but it didn’t take too long for me to adjust. I focused on paying attention to when my body really was hungry instead of sitting down on the couch in the evening and eating just because that’s what I’d normally do. Within a few days my sweet tooth’s cravings began to subside, and I retrained my brain to not expect food just because I’m watching Netflix.


4. Strength Your Immune System

With the toxins being eliminated from your organs, they can function at their optimum level. This means they are also better able to absorb vitamins and nutrients which in turn, support your immune system and work to keep you healthy. While I was on the cleanse, Brad was fighting off a cold (from going back to school) and I had my first day back volunteering at an after school program. I was certain I was going to get sick from all the exposure to these new germs, but I didn’t!


5. Think Better, Feel Better

Your diet is the fuel for your body so it only makes sense that it will affect your brain. Studies have found a correlation between refined sugars and impaired brain function as well as increased symptoms of mood disorders. During a cleanse you are feeding yourself nutritious foods, avoiding inflammatory foods, and eliminating toxins. Naturally your brain responds positively to this both in a cognitive and emotional way. I found I could focus better while working and had a more positive mindset during the cleanse.


However, it is important to note that not all cleanses are made equally. The Mindful Health cleanse appealed to me because it includes eating real food and is not calorie restricted. You have two smoothies, one meal, and a couple snacks each day. (I was never left feeling hungry, and I’m a girl who loves to eat.) The smoothie packets contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, (non-dairy) protein, and fibre. It also promotes a holistic approach by supporting the body, mind, and soul through chakra-inspired recipes and supportive emails throughout the process that provide additional physical, emotional, and mental detoxification strategies.


Have you ever done a cleanse? Why or why not? How did it go?

5 Compelling Reasons to Try a Cleanse

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    Angie - WhippedGreenGirl
    October 5, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Cleanses always make an instant difference in my complexion, I definitely need to get on that bandwagon again lol – my body and skin needs it! Great share 🙂

    1. Reply
      October 5, 2016 at 9:09 pm

      Yes! I was so thrilled with my skin! I have always fought with my face, and things have helped but not relieved me of my acne entirely. I could hardly believe the difference this made. I think fall is a great time to do a cleanse. 🙂

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