3 Stretches You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I’m guest posting at Lucy Locket Loves about the importance of stretching, and I’ll go through three useful yet uncommon stretches to implement into your life.

I know many people aren’t a big fan, but stretching really is important.  It improves flexibility, decreases the risk of injury, and can reduce muscle soreness.  Mentally it is also a great way to calm the mind and de-stress.

Most of us know quad stretches, side bends, and other major muscle stretches from posters at the gym, workout videos, or high school PE.  It’s great to stretch those, but there’s a lot of smaller supporting and stabilizing muscles that need love too.  I’m going to go through a few stretches that you’ve probably never heard of.

Stretches You've Probably Never Heard Of - Torso Twist Stretch

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