10 Pathways to Positivity + a New Free Email Course

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not I hope this can be a day of good vibes for you. Celebrate your relationships not only with a romantic partner, but with friends, family, and yourself. I thought it would be fitting together to go through the different pathways to positivity. And make sure you read to the end because I’ve got an excited announcement about a brand new FREE email course I’m offering!


Barbara Fredrickson, a psychology professor, determined that there are ten pathways to positivity. Once you are aware of them, you can become more mindful of actively seeking them. Naturally, increased positivity will enhance your person well being. However, it will also improve your relationships with others if you create opportunities for these moments while spending time together. Here are the ten pathways and ideas for traveling along them in your life.

10 Pathways to Positivity + New Free Email Course

1. Amusement

Finding something funny or being entertained. Try:

-watching a movie

-going to a local play

-going to a comedy club

-attending a live concert or music festival


2. Awe

Feeling respect and wonder. Try:

-going for a hike in nature

-camping somewhere magestic

-traveling to another city or country

-visiting a museum

-touring an art gallery


3. Gratitude

Being thankful or showing appreciation. Try:

-writing thank you notes to friends or family

-expressing gratitude to strangers like people working in the service industry

-starting a gratitude journal


4. Hope

Wanting or expecting something to happen. Try:

-setting achievable goals for yourself

-having a session with a life coach

-creating a vision board

-brainstorming a bucket list


5. Inspiration

Being mentally stimulated, often with regard to creativity. Try:

-attending a conference or retreat

-touring an art gallery

-attending a music concert

-watching TED talks online

-watching a documentary


6. Interest

Wanting to know more about something or being curious. Try:

-attemping something for the first time

-signing up for a class on something new

-checking out different books on a topic from the library

-visiting a museum

-reading and participating in an online forum


7. Joy

Experiencing great pleasure and happiness. Try:

-engaging in your hobbies and passions

-making time to “play” without any judgement

-dancing, singing, or letting loose in other ways


8. Love

An intense feeling of deep affection. Try:

-practicing consistency and commitment in current relationships

-living authentically and vulnerably with those who have earned it in order to grow closer

-making new connections and friends with people who energize you


9. Pride

Experiencing satisfaction from qualities, skills, or achievements. Try:

-speaking kindly to yourself

-acknowledging and celebrating victories – big and small

-telling friends and family about your accomplishments

-challenging yourself to improve


10. Serenity

Being calm and peaceful. Try:

-practicing yoga


-implementing self-care activities and alone time

-deep breathing


New Free Email Course

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If you are ready to stop beating yourself up and start cultivating more self-love, you need to check out this 5-day, self-paced email course. For more information on what the course entails or to just take the leap and sign up, click on over to this page.

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Which of the pathways to positivity are you going to work on? What are you going to do?

10 Pathways to Positivity + New Free Email Course

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2 Comment

  1. Reply
    Mary-the boondocks blog
    March 3, 2017 at 11:42 am

    These are all really great ideas. And I know that being positive, especially in today’s word of quick news and negativity, is so important for our well-being. I literally stopped watching the news years ago because of all the negativity. It was making me depressed. Instead I started crafting and blogging and have become a new person, waking up with joy every day.

    1. Reply
      March 3, 2017 at 1:27 pm

      Wow, that sounds like an incredible transformation! What you said about quick news reminded me of something I heard in college. People think the world is so unsafe now – for example that kids get kidnapped all the time and so they shouldn’t walk to school on their own. And they reminisce about the 70s when kids walked to school by themselves and played outside all over the neighbourhood unsupervised. In actuality, kidnapping rates are WAY lower now than they have ever been. It’s just that back then only locals new when a child was kidnapped, whereas now every time a child is kidnapped people all over the world hear about it over and over and over again creating a perception that it’s much worse now. We hear all the bad news from everywhere all the time, and it can certainly become overwhelming. That’s why being positive takes intention, which you have already figured out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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