Is Create Connection Right for You?

You might be feeling unsure if Create Connection is right for you. Sure, it’d be great to learn some new communication skills, but how can you know what to really expect of the course?


Well, today I want to give you the details of the course content. The program includes:

  • 5 core modules
  • communication exercises
  • PDF resources
  • quizzes
  • reflection questions
  • video training

Let’s take a closer look.


Module 0 is ready and waiting for you already. This is a welcome module designed to set you up for success by laying the foundation for our work, gaining some self-awareness, and doing the pre-homework.


Create Connection in Teachable Screenshot

The 5 Core Modules

Module 1 on listening is where you will learn the process of listening vs just hearing, as well as passive listening skills, and active listening skills.


Module 2 on empathy goes through what empathy really is, how you can develop it as a skill, and information on incorporating compassion.


Next, module 3 on nonverbal communication explores mixed messages that occur when verbal and nonverbal communication don’t line up, the different categories of nonverbal communication, and best practice for each.


Module 4 on perception management will teach you what perception is and the process of how it happens in our brains along with how to become more objective and less judgemental.


Then the last one is the big one.


Module 5 covers conflict resolution where you will learn your current conflict style and which style you may want to work toward, how to use feeling and behaviour descriptors to prevent defensiveness, and the difference between compromises and resolutions and which you want to achieve.Create Connection PDF Previews

What You Will Achieve

By the end of our time together you will:

  • learn how to listen (vs just hearing)
  • increase understanding and empathy
  • resolve conflict respectfully and effectively
  • practice positive communication skills
  • leave with solid relationship foundations


So are you ready to improve your family communication? If you answered yes, then I invite you to enroll in Create Connection now – the doors are only open until 9 pm PST on Wednesday, June 7th. That’s less than 2 more days! This is your time.


Do you have any remaining questions about the course? Please leave them in the comments or contact me directly!

Create Connection Online course