Use This Visualization to Help You Fall Asleep

About a month ago I was struggling with anxious feelings, and it was really affecting my sleep. While laying in bed for hours on end one night, I created a visualization exercise to get some relief. I did it that night, and then the following nights, and it helped me fall asleep more quickly. Here is the Moonlight Visualization to help you fall asleep.

Use This Moonlight Visualization to Help You Fall Asleep + Free Guided Audio

Moonlight Visualization to Help You Fall Asleep

1. Find a comfortable position to lie in bed and close your eyes. Mentally scan through your body and just notice how it feels. Try to release any tension you find in your muscles.


2. Let your breath flow naturally, but just take a moment to notice it as well.


3. Picture yourself in your mind lying just the way you are in your bed in your bedroom.


4. Now picture a big full moon outside your window. The moonlight is shining down from the sky, through your window, and onto you.


5. Now the moonlight is flowing through you and into you.


6. Picture the moonlight and your body as it fills you with a feeling of calm, cool spaciousness.


7. Picture the different parts of your body as they very slowly fill with the ethereal moonlight, maybe from the bottom up or the top down. This weightless light is creating a sense of safety and comfort within you.


8. When you find yourself thinking about something else (and this will happen), simply acknowledge the thought and then bring your attention back to the visualization. Pick up where you left off with the airy moonlight filling you up with a relaxed peacefulness.


I continue to do this until eventually I’m waking up and can’t remember when I fell asleep.


Going through a visualization exercise shifts brain wave activity. You can teach your brain to respond to certain images in a certain way. The Moonlight Visualization promotes the brain’s movement toward sleep through the use of the moonlight image. This is what works for me, however, you may find a different image more effective.


Visualizations can be difficult for a lot of people when they first try them, but they do become easier with more practice. If you struggle the first time, I encourage you to try it a few different nights before ruling out the process completely.


Guided Moonlight Visualization Audio

I know it can be hard to remember all the steps when you’re actually lying there frustrated in bed. That’s why I created a guided visualization audio mp3 that you can put on your phone or iPod to listen to quietly in the moment when you need it. Download it for free here.

FREE Guided Moonlight Visualization Audio

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Have you tried visualizations before? Do you use a visualization to help you fall asleep?

Use This Moonlight Visualization to Help You Fall Asleep + Free Guided Audio